Why try to integrate body/mind/spirit?


Why not? Believe it or not, we are all composites. There is the energy and matter that make up our physical form, the organization of all the systems of the body and mind, and the one who keeps it all there.

Some live life totally in their minds, never feeling the firmness of the earth, the kiss of the wind, the warmth of the sun, just ignoring physical input as irrelevant to their all important thoughts. Some live for sensation, immersed in the feeling of the moment, hyper sensitive to any change in tone by others, or obsessed with aches and pains, slights and losses. Some attempt to transcend the body to reach spiritual heights in an attempt to merge with the universe. 

Any approach is fine, but I’m saying, why not have your cake and eat it too? Why not enjoy the senses, while connecting with the universe and having a stimulating conversation?  

There is a wonderful sense of wholeness that comes with integration. It brings peace and coherence. You are “all there”. Not fragmented. There is more of you available to life and engagement with others.

Feeling embodied, able to clearly focus, fully in charge of whatever game you are playing: this is a blissful state. If you can recall a time when you were “in the zone” flowing easily and powerfully, that’s it.

So how do we get there on a daily basis? It takes some work and much practice, but it is totally achievable. Facilitating this is the basis of my work as a coach. For now, just consider what it would feel like. Take a look at your life and notice when you are feeling whole and when you are not. Is there any pattern to your state of being? Start there.