Often we feel that we have to go it alone. There is plenty of information about EFT online, in fact, on our resources page, I have listed several good websites to go to for further information on the technique.  Many people have learned how to do this online and use it often for daily stresses.

However, we all have blind spots. For example, it’s often the case that a person is going through life with a limiting belief that they don’t even recognize. They believe it so strongly that there is no reason to question it. These beliefs are often acquired early in life before one is able to discern if they are true or not. Recognizing that they exist is the first step toward being able to re-examine and change such beliefs.

Also, there are events in our lives that we just can’t confront alone. It’s too painful or frightening to look at by ourselves. We may talk with family or friends about it, but somehow the upset just doesn’t seem to go away in the telling. Worse, we may get criticized for what happened, or suffer further rejection or embarrassment. Maybe we’d rather our friends didn’t know about this incident. We have no clue as to how to finally release that part of our past. Having a coach to hold a safe space for you to examine and release these events, can make all the difference in the world.

Perhaps one is sitting in confusion or overwhelm and with all the stress involved, doesn’t know where to begin to make things better. There is a great advantage to having someone really listen and understand what’s happening. Often clarity starts to arrive as you hear what you are saying out loud to another. A coach can also help to clarify which of the issues that one is concerned with might be the best to tackle first. And help you to decide how to go about it.

When there is a goal or project that we are engaged upon, and we find ourselves stalling, procrastinating, sabotaging our own efforts, it really helps to have someone to help clarify what is going on. Releasing negativity and providing accountability can move one along toward making progress.

Oh, and there is always the value of “venting” Sometimes anger or frustration builds up and we feel ready to burst. We hesitate to dump all this on our spouse, partner, children, parents, co-workers, etc. A compassionate, non-judgmental coach is the perfect person to create a safe space for you to release all that emotion. We can then examine what triggered the upset and take it further to resolve it completely.

Finally, when was the last time you felt someone was really listening to you, without judgment, without instantly giving advice or criticism, without jumping in with their own issues? Just peacefully listening and trying to fully understand you? It’s a wonderful feeling to be understood and accepted just for showing up.