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What Clients are Saying:

It was truly life changing for me. Our regular weekly meetings created momentum in my transformation from money anxieties to money strength & curiosity. I felt safe and deeply heard, and found your reflections often invited me to a deeper understanding of the barriers blocking me from forward movement.

You guided me through childhood and current day holding patterns towards confidence and the ability to get beyond procrastination by looking at the ancestral connections that appeared from the tapping .
I am creating a retreat for the first time ever and on zoom. I’m having fun learning and putting the pieces together, asking for help, and allowing the fear and self doubt to move through at a faster rate than ever.
Maria DePasquale


Maria Barrett is a gifted EFT practitioner. She is insightful, very intuitive,and non-intimidating. She is really great at articulating what I am thinking.  She has helped me in many ways thru her expertise:  getting over fears, anxiety, stressful situations and working thru major life transitions.

Lynn, New York

R.N. B.S.N., L.Ac

I am grateful for Maria’s patience, wisdom, and ability to hold space for me.  I am not an easy person to work with (think impatient, authoritarian, critical and inflexible) and I have many personal problems and limiting beliefs.  Yet, Maria stuck with me through thick and thin.  She lifts me when I am down. She always finds the most fitting encouraging words to remind me to stick to my healing journey. Maria is an expert at using the ‘Sneaking Up’ technique to bring out the real issue that lurks underneath my many appearances of “I am okay or I don’t feel anything there.” Thanks to her patience and wisdom, I’ve moved forward tremendously in my personal growth. With her guidance, I learned to be patient, flexible, and more loving to myself and others. I definitely recommend Maria. 

Tina Tran, Ontario, Canada

EFT by itself can be impactful, but working with Barrett, a highly trained professional, led me to find the subconscious belief system that had been enabling unhealthy relationships. With her continued help, I’m now aware of old behavior and have been able to create a new, balanced approach to relationships. Maria Barrett is a life-changer.

Linda D. Addison

award-winning author of “How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend”

I’ve been working with Maria for over a year. I’ve worked on issues involving my family relationships, resistance to taking action in my business, and my frequent migraines. Maria is a very skilled pactitioner, but more important than that, I always felt that it was totally safe to share whatever was on my mind, and Maria often has insights that help create the shift in perspective that I need to release the weight of the event. Even when I feel resistance to doing the work, Maria helps me move forward. My on-going work with Maria is an essential part of my personal and professional growth, and I would whole-heartedly recommend working with her.
Esti-Alina T, Israel