You’ve heard “Be Here Now” “No Time Like the Present” “Be Yourself” from so many sources over the years. But have you been able to consistently do it?

Picture yourself at some moment in your life when you felt fully present, alive and “in the zone”. You were fully engaged in something with your whole being. Remember that moment. What were you doing? Where were you? Were others involved? How did you get to that moment? Where was your focus?

When you are all there, you can process life as it happens and nothing sticks. You have a memory of it, but no stuck energy, no hidden charge, no future ill effects on mind or body.

On the other hand, going through life stuck in ruminating about the past or worrying about the future denies you enjoyment of the present. Thus, the present doesn’t get dealt with fully and you start accumulating un-inspected life debris. Unacknowledged feelings, unspoken words, actions not taken, actions regretted, missed opportunities, etc.  Your life energy gets bottled up in your energy field or your body. You might start working hard to NOT feel, NOT think. You might end up constantly spinning in your mind replaying events and beating yourself up about how you could have done this or said that or why did you do that, etc.  If you experience a trauma, you might lock it away and hold it down, using your life energy to keep it hidden from yourself.

If you’ve stored a lot of unprocessed life, it’s like having a closet full of stuff you don’t want to look at. Thoughts that pop up from time to time to trouble you, but you just cram them back into the closet. Mental/emotional clutter that takes up your space and interferes with your ability to cope, to feel confident, to enjoy living.

Granted, if you really want to be happy and peaceful, sooner or later you may have to empty that closet.

Meanwhile, consider this: Choose to allow yourself to be fully present in this moment. What do you see, hear, smell, taste, feel right now? What can you touch right now? Take a deep breath, place your hand on your heart and see if you can sense your heartbeat. Notice the rhythm of your heartbeat. Recognize that you are alive and present here and now. Feel the difference between you and the chair you are sitting in.  Sense the shape of your body. Let your feet meet the ground and find it friendly. Now, enjoy your day!