What is Life Coaching?  – It is tackling some aspect of your life that you wish to change, with the help of another.

What do you mean by Energy Based Life Coaching? –  It is oriented in freeing up any old stuck patterns, restoring coherence and an ability to handle the flow of energy in your body, your mind and your life interactions. Based on years of tai chi, energy medicine and energy psychology study.

What is a coaching session like? – It’s like a conversation where life issues or blocks are discussed, clarified and then processed to a point where they are more manageable or completely released.

How long is a typical session? – Generally runs from an hour to 90 minutes. May sometimes go longer or shorter depending on what is being worked on. However, it’s good to allow yourself 90 minutes when scheduling.

Can I get results from one session? – Sure. If nothing else, you would have had time to be listened to and understood, without judgment or criticism, which in itself is helpful. Often a process done once can have a profound effect. However, to really tackle a goal or block, it is recommended to commit to a block of at least 4 sessions.