Over 30 years of practicing Chinese internal martial arts have given Maria Barrett a very tangible understanding of energy. Seeing students struggling with physical and mental barriers to fully engaging in life in the present moment led her to study energy medicine, polarity, and then energy psychology techniques.  

Her uniqueness as a coach rests on her ability to be calmly present, creating a safe space for healing. Clients feel totally understood, no matter what issue they are facing.  Consistently non-judgmental and empathetic,  willing to tackle just about anything, she is an effective guide to self empowerment.  She can make looking at the drama of one’s life fun, while also honoring the impact and emotion of it. 

She is a certified Energy Psychology Practitioner by EFT Universe, and an authorized Tapping Into Wealth Coach from Margaret M. Lynch.

My Story

My husband, Rick Barrett, has been a practicing Polarity Practitioner for over 20 years. He has been teaching Tai Chi Chuan for even longer. I have been assisting him in workshops and am enthusiastic about getting people to practically use the principles of Tai Chi in life for soft power and peaceful engagement.

Energy Psychology is the best tool I have found to clear away the mental/emotional barriers to living life fully. It saddens me to see people limiting their own power or reach because of old notions, pains and fears. It has helped me and my clients to grow and become more of who we really can be. 

Raising children, tai chi practice, years in theater, creating a long-term marriage, polarity bodywork study and almost 20 years in corporate tech support have taught me how to listen, how to understand without judgement, and how to hold space for healing to occur. It’s also taught me that personal growth does not have to be a heavy, serious endeavor. It can be hopeful and fun as old junk is discarded and laughter arises.

If you are dealing with stress and anxiety that is impacting your life and want to heal, send me an email and we can arrange to talk. I would love to help you to be peacefully, enthusiastically yourself.




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